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NEW RELEASE: Original Score album for Justin Jackson's documentary film. Name your own price.

2014 EP Flies to Flame is available now from Translation Loss Records on CD and LP.

Rosetta's 2013 independent album The Anaesthete is available digitally from the band. Name your own price.
Purchase the album:

Europe-edition limited CD/2xLP versions available on Debemur Morti. Order them here.
Japan-edition limited/extended CD version available on Tokyo Jupiter Records. Order it here.
North American limited 2xLP version available on War Crime Recordings. Order it here.

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Upcoming tour dates:

Southern Darkness Fest presents: Winter of Darkness
February 13: Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum w/ All Pigs Must Die

Russia/Belarus Mini-tour 2015
April 3: Minsk, Belarus, @ Re:Public
April 4: St. Petersburg, Russia, @ Phoenix Club
April 5: Moscow, Russia, @ Brooklyn

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